Giving Alms

need boxOn Ash Wednesday, Matthew 6:1-6,16-21 is read. These verses instruct us on the three main spiritual practices we focus on in Lent: praying, fasting and alms giving. Did you know that Holy Trinity has a way for you to give alms each week during worship?

Each Sunday’s bulletin carries a small note about the recipients of this month’s “Need Box.” Our Need Box facilitates the giving of alms – money given to persons in need. A small wooden box sits in the narthex, and two more hang from the rail at the chancel steps. The intention is that people will drop in pocket change – giving alms as they enter the church building or on the way to communion.

Each month, the Commission on Social Ministry designates a recipient for the Need Box offering. Usually this is a local agency such as Backpack Beginnings or Wheels4Hope.  Sometimes the Need Box is designated as a partner in one of our other outreach efforts.  For example, in November the Need Box helps us purchase turkeys to go with the Thanksgiving Bags we fill and give to the Servant Center. Either way, the presence of the Need Box highlights a particular need in our community and reminds us of our need always to give of our substance to those who have not.

The children who worship in Children’s Chapel are taught about the Need Box, and given a brief description of the particular recipient each month. Their offerings are brought to the church when the children join us at the Peace, and the offering plate is emptied into the Box at the Chancel steps. In this way, they too, learn about the needs of others and find they can help.

Our Need Box seldom brings in a huge amount. Most months the total is under $200.  Still, it is an important ministry, and a reminder that even the smallest of gifts can be received and can do good.

– Virginia Herring


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